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Double-drum winder, named afer its inventor Robert Blair, where both drum incorporate two winding sections, normally for multi-layer winding, often referred to as BMR winder (BLAIR multi-rope winder). Since these kind of machines require a lot of room, it may be necessary to arrange two drums at an angle to each other in order to maintain the necessary rope fleet angles. In this case, each drum receives its own machine shaft, which is mechanically coupled via a universal joint. Alternatevly, each drum may receive its own motor, which can generate the highest drum torque (mechanically 2x single-drum BLAIR) and both drums are only electrically synchronised.



  • Arrangement of two drums, each with two winding sections for one rope each, on a shaft
  • Conveyances run in two hoist ways with clutch engaged
  • Movement of one conveyance independently of the other in a shaft with clutch disengaged
  • Reduction of space requirement possible by using a universal joint


Drum diameter 3 to 7.1 m
Payload 15 to 32 t
Operating load 19 to 142 t
Drive output 1,800 kW to 2 x 6,070 kW
Shaft depth up to 3,200 m



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