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The Mobile Shaft Winch is used as an auxiliary winch for the inspection of hoisting shafts and as an emergency winch for rescuing persons. It is designed in compliance with relevant mining regulations and is approved by the mining authority. Because it is licensed for driving in public road transport it can be used universally on various mineshaft systems. Like a mobile crane, the Mobile Shaft Winch can be driven into the required working position via a either rotatable or static boom. Communication between personnel in the conveyance and the operator of the winch is possible over a phone, whose cable is integrated into the hoisting rope.



  • Emergency winch for rescuing persons                         
  • Used for shaft inspections and maintenance
  • Can be used on shafts without shaft infrastructure
  • Autonomous hoist with fitted drive unit
Max. shaft depth 1,300 m
Max. rope load 50 kN
Truck driving speed 80 km/h

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