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In Floor-Conveyor Systems, the winder is located at ground level in a separate winder building at some distance from the headframe. The deflection of the hoisting rope between winder and hoisting equipment is performed by rope sheaves, situated on top of the headframe. Usually a rope sheave is connected to an axle which is attached to the frame structure via externally fitted rolling bearings. A multi-rope KOEPE Hoisting System requires an appropriate number of parallel arranged rope sheaves, which qualify as "loose sheaves". As an alternative to externally fitted rope sheaves SIEMAG TECBERG also offer internally fitted rope sheaves. In this case, each rope sheave is installed on its own rolling-bearing unit at the fixed axle, enabling all sheaves to rotate independent from each other. 




Diameter 500 to 8,000 mm
Number of ropes 1 - 6
Operation load per rope 20 to 690 kN


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